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Advantages of Switching to VoIP Services Provider

The advantages of moving from traditional phone service, also called PSTN, to VoIP are the reason businesses are making the change. In fact, it has been reported that 61% of businesses are moving from Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In a world that is mobile and digitized, it’s easier, and more affordable, to have internet phones. 

What are the advantages of switching to a VoIP services provider?

Businesses like yours need a simple and cost-effective way to handle phone communications. Whether it’s internal or external, or even international calls, a VoIP services provider can support your team. The advantages include the following.

  1. Simple Installation. Rather than landlines which include a set up fee, additional copper wiring, and the price tag that goes with that, VoIP installation is simple. With just a router, modem, and a phone, your business can be up and running. 
  2. Set up Support. At Panurgy, we aren’t just a VoIP services provider that sets up your phones and leaves you in the dust. We stay and help with programming so the system complements business processes, and voicemail and other features ready to go for your team. 
  3. Less cost for calls. An average landline costs about $42 per line plus long distance and international calling rates. VoIP on the other hand, costs $20-40 per user, per month and typically offers unlimited calling in the United States and Canada. Plans may also include faxing to email which some businesses utilize.
  4. Compatible with mobile devices. VoIP comes with an app that makes it compatible with mobile devices. That means you can work anywhere there is internet access. You can be away from the office or working from a home office and still make and receive calls on your work line. 
  5. Scalability. Adding traditional phone lines can get expensive, but adding VoIP lines is easy. Once your business has service, your VoIP services provider can change or add phone lines to the existing network. There is no need for new physical lines to be installed because it’s all on the internet.  

Lastly, Panurgy can manage the switch and your phone system on your behalf. That’s less time spent handling vendors and figuring out how to change from office to a remote office. We’re here for you when you’re ready!

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