3 Biggest Threats to Your Business Continuity

We all worry about unplanned downtime for our companies. When your company’s operations screech to a halt due to an issue completely out of your control, it is often disastrous for your bottom line. Sales stop. Your existing customers are hurt and depending on your industry, may require compensation of some kind, and trust in your company moving forward is severely damaged. There are no positives, which is why having a solid business continuity plan is essential for any organization operating in the marketplace today. Having appropriate IT plans to ensure data and infrastructure is protected at all times saves businesses immense amounts of time and money. To have a truly comprehensive plan, a company must consider all the ways their business’s IT infrastructure could get shut down. Here are three of the biggest and most common threats to your company’s technology from a business continuity standpoint.

Natural Disasters

Floods, fires, hurricanes, snowstorms, and more are a major threat to any business’s operations. Whether you refer to them as natural disasters or acts of God, these weather-related phenomena can throw a major wrench in your business’s plans if you’re not prepared for them. If you don’t have appropriate cloud services and backups in place so staff can work away from the office, even average snowstorms could end up being an issue. Having a business continuity plan that includes the appropriate contingencies for dealing with any of these disasters can save your company some major headaches.

Local Power Outages

It’s often forgotten about, but simple blackouts in the electricity grid can wreak havoc on your company’s operations. If you don’t have appropriate backup plans in place, any somewhat extended blackout can cost your small business a huge amount of productivity and money.  Power outages can be a nightmare for business continuity and if you end up with several in a short period of time it can be even more devastating. Business continuity plans need to account for not only the possibility of power outages, but the possibility of long-term blackouts or a series of them.

Cybersecurity Breaches

The most commonly known and talked about reason for business continuity plans are cybersecurity failures. In a worst-case scenario, either due to a particularly sophisticated cyber threat or an unfortunate user error that causes a security breach, you need to be ready to keep your business running. Ransomware attacks have been known to shut down entire businesses for extended periods if they aren’t stopped in time. Keeping those attacks at bay is key but having contingencies in case the worst occurs can save your business entirely.

You have to be prepared for anything when it comes to unexpected disasters disrupting your business. Business continuity, data protection and data backup are lifesaving services to many businesses who have had to deal with any of these unexpected nightmares from occurring. If you want to learn about how business continuity services can help keep your business safe, reach out to Panurgy today.