Work Smarter, Not Harder — Tech Tips That Will Take You To The Next Level

Most business owners want nothing more than for their businesses to be successful. This is much easier said than done since there are so many variables involved. One of the most frequent that can be difficult to control is employee productivity. With so many businesses operating remotely, productivity has become more of a concern than ever before.

Even for employers who have employees working in a physical office, there has always been a concern over how to increase productivity. In the age of the Internet and cellphones, distractions are everywhere. Additionally, employees seem more prone to burnout these days, and working them too hard will lead to turnover or even a decrease in productivity and quality of work.

If you want to ensure that your business stays as productive as possible, you must have the right tools in your toolbox. There are many different apps and websites designed to increase productivity, and we’ve gathered five of the best.


Have you ever caught yourself or your employees scrolling through social media during work? Social media is incredibly addictive and even the most productive employees can find themselves drawn to Facebook or Instagram when they have the opportunity. Barracuda will allow you to ensure that this never happens in your workplace. If you have employees who are constantly on websites that are irrelevant to their job, you can block their access with Barracuda. Now those minutes spent scrolling through Instagram can be spent on more productive tasks.


Have you ever needed an important document that you didn’t have access to? Did you have to e-mail someone and ask them to send you the file or share access with you? If this is a common problem in your workplace, you need to try SharePoint.

SharePoint will serve as a database for important files that anyone in your business may need at any time. You won’t have to wait for someone to share the files with you anymore. Keep in mind that SharePoint still requires a level of organization so that files are easy to find.


TimeCamp is one of the most useful productivity apps available right now. With TimeCamp, you can track how much time your team is spending on any given project. It will break it down by specific apps and websites so you can see where most of their time was spent. You’ll also get to see analytics and determine how they are performing. TimeCamp will help you keep your budget in check and ensure that no task or project goes over budget.

If clocking has been an issue in your business, TimeCamp can help there, too. This program can be used as an easy attendance-tracking tool as it has functions for clocking in and out, tracking overtime, automating payroll and reporting leaves. It’s simple to use and comes with endless benefits.


If your company is operating remotely, or if you have certain employees who aren’t working in the office, how are you communicating with each other? E-mails can be easily missed, and unless you provide your teams with work phones, texting is iffy at best. Slack takes all of the confusion out of the mix and gives you the best group messaging option.

Employees will stay up-to-date on recent developments within the company. You can also create specific groups if you need to get a message out to a particular team or group of people. Slack has worked wonders for many organizations throughout the pandemic and is a foolproof way to increase productivity.


Asana is one of the best project management tools on the market. With this program, you can plan projects in advance and set up task lists to ensure that everything gets completed on time. You can also keep your team informed about any new developments with Asana’s messaging and commenting system. If you’re overseeing a team that is working on the same project, then Asana is a must-have for your company.

To get the most out of your business, you must ensure that productivity is maximized wherever possible. There are many new websites, apps and programs designed to encourage productivity in the workplace. You just have to find what works best for your business. If you’re unsure of where to begin, give some of these programs a try.

Improve Employee Engagement with an IT Help Desk (and more!)

Have you ever felt like your job wasn’t important? Have you struggled to understand how your job fits in with the big goals of the company? Are you a manager looking for effective ways to ignite employee interest? At Panurgy, we know that to improve employee engagement, businesses need to solve technical issues in a timely manner. Many are choosing IT services that include an IT Help Desk as part of their employee engagement planning.

Improve Employee Engagement with an IT Help Desk (and more!)

Years ago, I worked for a company that sent an employee survey. One of the questions asked was whether we had the tools we needed to do our jobs. At the time, it was clear that we did not have the technology where it needed to be. Tower computers and 5+ year old laptops needed to be replaced. Security on important client files needed passwords. There was much to do technology-wise and managers either had their hands tied or just didn’t care. It was disheartening to say the least, but it doesn’t have to be this way for your employees. Here are ways to improve employee engagement with an IT Help Desk and more.

  1. Recognition. Don’t give the awards to the same people and departments all the time. It makes the people who don’t receive them feel excluded. As a result, they will not be focused and will eventually leave the company if you don’t push them out first. Their performance has more to do with being recognized for a job well done than their actual job. Make them feel important.
  2. Communication. Employees love to feel like they are in-the-know about the company. Communicate in writing, verbal announcements, and video so that all learning styles are recognized, and everyone feels like they are part of a team that matters. Ask managers to explain how each job is part of the whole of the company and how what each person does impacts the other departments.
  3. IT Help Desk. Just like I wanted the tools I needed to do my job, so do you and your employees. An IT Help Desk will go a long way to helping employees with common problems like email issues, security system updates, and password changes. Give employees the power to seek solutions on their own by providing an IT help desk that can address their immediate problems.

As an IT Services company, we talk to employees who are seeking solutions to everyday business problems. One of the ways to keep employees engaged is to provide an IT help desk where our team of experts can address problems, so you don’t have to. For more information, contact Panurgy today!

How Automotive IT Services Solves Problems

Technology changes fast, including in the automotive industry. In today’s world, cars are basically computers on wheels, so your employees have to keep up. If you’re struggling with downtimes, workflow and tracking issues, it’s time to consider how Automotive IT Services solves problems like the ones you and your team are experiencing.

Customer Satisfaction

At the heart of your business are customers. If you aren’t delivering what they want, need, and expect, they will go elsewhere. You don’t want that and neither do we.

Our Automotive IT Services includes kiosks where customers can answer questions about the service they’ve received as well as what they’d like to see changed. Understanding this information, we can help your team build a customer experience that brings them back again and again.

Contract Tracking

What customers don’t see is what goes on in the back office. Your team is handling purchase, maintenance, and warranty contracts. They’re processing and tracking, likely from multiple locations. Not only is it vital to prevent downtime, but it’s also important to keep data secure. Whether you’re tracking data for a dealership, fleet, or shop, we understand the importance of securing data obtained and included on contracts.

Inventory Tracking

If you don’t have the right parts or vehicles, you can’t help your customers. Partnering with Panurgy for Automotive IT Services means having a partner that understands the technology needed for inventory tracking. We assess your current system, update it, and make recommendations for the future. We want to be sure the software is as high tech as the inventory it’s tracking.

Workflow Automation

Our cloud-based hosted solutions for automation of workflows so you always know where vehicles, parts, people, and processes are at any time.

Decreased downtime and increased efficiency mean your automotive business can thrive.

Our Automotive IT Services solves the problem of how to track contracts, parts, employees, and data from multiple locations. We offer a simple, comprehensive approach to IT Services and support includes our flat-rate pricing.

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