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Five 2020 Data Breaches

Having excellent cybersecurity is absolutely essential for businesses in all industries, but too many companies still fall short in this area, and data breaches are all too common. Preventing these breaches requires a cybersecurity service that is complex, comprehensive, and proactive against digital attacks. Companies that are complacent about their network security end up experiencing harmful and embarrassing data breaches, exposing both their business and their customers to exploitation and identity theft. Here are five examples of companies whose cybersecurity failures lead them to suffer data breaches during 2020.

  1. Landry’s Customers’ Credit Cards Exposed

Landry’s, a dining conglomerate that includes such restaurants as Bubba Gump and Houlihan’s, was attacked in January of 2020, leading to the exposure of some of their customer’s financial information. Credit card numbers, expiration dates, verification codes, and cardholder names were all exposed during the breach, which was caused by malware that directly attacked the company’s point-of-sale system. Stronger cybersecurity groundwork could have prevented Landry’s customers from having their data stolen and would have saved the company a massive PR headache.

  1. Walgreens’ Own Internal Error Compromised Customer Information

In early March, Walgreens discovered an internal error on their mobile app that allowed users to view other customers’ private messages. The incident forced Walgreens to shut down all messaging on its app for a brief period to prevent further compromise of sensitive information. Cybersecurity isn’t only about preventing outside forces from attacking your digital infrastructure. Thorough and rigorous internal checking for small errors that could expose sensitive information is just as important to any network security plan. Walgreens’ slip-up unfortunately led them to unwarily expose their users’ private, health-related information.

  1. Nintendo’s Security Weakness Exposed Its Login System

In April, popular video game company Nintendo announced that hackers had broken into their login system through a security weakness. Over 160,000 users’ login information, email addresses, date of birth, and countries of origin were exposed as part of this breach. Due to Nintendo’s lack of robust cybersecurity, hackers were also able to illegally make digital purchases using the payment information in the compromised accounts. Nintendo was forced to reset all account passwords as a part of addressing the security breach. More rigorous cybersecurity audits of their systems might have revealed the weakness in Nintendo’s login system before hackers discovered the issue.

  1. One Hacked Email Account Risks Data of 112,000 of Utah Pathology Service’s Patients

Decentralization of data is also an important aspect of cybersecurity and data protection. Utah Pathology Service only had one of their employees attacked during a data breach in August of this year, but that one account had access to over 100,000 patients’ health information. Fortunately, it seemed the attack was unsuccessful in this particular case, as the organization promptly secured the account. There’s always a risk of a careless employee digitally exposing themself, so network security plans should always include ways to block off sensitive data quickly in the event of a hacked account.

  1. A Cyberattack on Barnes & Noble Interrupted Their Services and Exposed Their Data

In October, Barnes & Noble’s Nook services were disrupted for several days due to a malware attack. Customers complained loudly on social media, causing a major headache for the company publicly while their cybersecurity team was already dealing with the attack and re-securing their systems. Cybersecurity that can get your system secure and running again in disastrous situations like these is invaluable, as every second lost during a breach both potentially compromises more data and erodes public trust in a business’s online services.

Investing in cybersecurity can save businesses from nightmare scenarios like these five breaches. If you are interested in learning more about the cybersecurity you might need, reach out to us today.