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How Automotive IT Services Solves Problems

Technology changes fast, including in the automotive industry. In today’s world, cars are basically computers on wheels, so your employees have to keep up. If you’re struggling with downtimes, workflow and tracking issues, it’s time to consider how Automotive IT Services solves problems like the ones you and your team are experiencing.

Customer Satisfaction

At the heart of your business are customers. If you aren’t delivering what they want, need, and expect, they will go elsewhere. You don’t want that and neither do we.

Our Automotive IT Services includes kiosks where customers can answer questions about the service they’ve received as well as what they’d like to see changed. Understanding this information, we can help your team build a customer experience that brings them back again and again.

Contract Tracking

What customers don’t see is what goes on in the back office. Your team is handling purchase, maintenance, and warranty contracts. They’re processing and tracking, likely from multiple locations. Not only is it vital to prevent downtime, but it’s also important to keep data secure. Whether you’re tracking data for a dealership, fleet, or shop, we understand the importance of securing data obtained and included on contracts.

Inventory Tracking

If you don’t have the right parts or vehicles, you can’t help your customers. Partnering with Panurgy for Automotive IT Services means having a partner that understands the technology needed for inventory tracking. We assess your current system, update it, and make recommendations for the future. We want to be sure the software is as high tech as the inventory it’s tracking.

Workflow Automation

Our cloud-based hosted solutions for automation of workflows so you always know where vehicles, parts, people, and processes are at any time.

Decreased downtime and increased efficiency mean your automotive business can thrive.

Our Automotive IT Services solves the problem of how to track contracts, parts, employees, and data from multiple locations. We offer a simple, comprehensive approach to IT Services and support includes our flat-rate pricing.

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