Co-Managed IT Services

How Co-Managed IT Services Benefits Business

What has been on your technology to do list for a while? If there is a tech rollout, project, or expansion that you’ve been delaying because you don’t have the key players, we have the solution. Panurgy’s Co-Managed IT Services benefit businesses by providing a customized solution that combines the existing IT team with our experienced professionals to create streamlined operations. This a la carte option is cost-saving, scalable, and centered around your business.

Co-Managed IT Services

We don’t want to replace your current IT team. Our goal is to provide additional technical expertise in areas you need support today whether it’s to act as the employee help desk, 24/7/365 security monitoring, or patch and asset management. We want to be your trusted experts in Co-Managed IT Services.

Cost Savings

Sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense to hire more IT employees. The employee search and onboarding process can take weeks or even months. During that time, your team is missing the expertise and leadership our Co-Managed IT Services team brings to the table.

By adding to your company’s knowledge without being an employee, we prevent your business from having to pay full-time benefits while you get the same expertise needed to move the organization forward. We also offer flat-rate pricing which means you will always know what our service costs every month. That alone takes the worry from the bottom line.

Patch and Asset Management

Whether online or in-house, we offer our service so your IT team can offload the more mundane infrastructure management to focus on more complicated tasks. We take care of end-user devices, for example, so your team can focus on strategic initiatives.


We supply scalable solutions depending on what your business needs today and in the future. Whether it’s a busy season or business is growing, we offer the technology and implementation expertise to support growth and build efficient systems and processes.

On-call Experts

When your IT team is overwhelmed or isn’t sure how to solve a tech issue, we’re here for you. Outlook isn’t working correctly. Server errors. The Internet is sketchy but you’re not sure why. These are a few of the reasons we get calls. Give yourself and your team a break when you hire Panurgy for Co-Managed IT Services.

Client-Centric Business

We care about your business as much as you do. We’re here to learn where there are successes, challenges, and changes in order to build and manage improved systems. Implementing pandemic-proof technology, securing technology, and constant monitoring are a few of the things we can do to earn your trust.

Co-Managed IT Services are meant to be a partnership with you and your current IT team. While we can do some work remotely, there may be times when we need to work in-house with key players in order to solve tech issues. Consider us your on-call experts who can take the stress of day-to-day technology management out of your hands so you can focus on strategy.

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