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How Construction IT Services Increase Scalability for Contractors

When we think of protecting construction equipment, many would say we need to protect items like hammers or excavators. While that is true, there is another part of your business that needs attention – the technical infrastructure. Construction IT Services increases scalability for contractors while at the same protecting project and company information. 

What challenges does your company face?

The construction industry is unique in the challenges it faces. The Panurgy team is here to make the process smooth and the challenges fewer. 

We understand the challenges include:

  • Managing proprietary design and construction data
  • Protection of financial assets
  • Multiple projects at multiple locations
  • Changing number of workers on-site
  • Many in-house users tracking projects and plans
  • Remote job duties
  • Accessibility for multiple devices

When you don’t have access to what you need, it’s an interruption to business continuity. It slows processes and projects. Stop the slowdown when you implement Panurgy’s Construction IT Services

Protect Data

Your team spends time making sure contracts, blueprints, and company-specific documents are created, shared, and stored, but is it backed up? Protect your data and maintain business continuity, even through power outages, storms, and natural disasters when you have construction IT services. Our cloud-based data backups mean you have access from anywhere, anytime. 

Implement Solutions

Worried about hackers? Afraid you need to have cash available to pay your way out of ransomware attacks? Want to protect client data? Our team is here to implement solutions for these and other worries you may have. We’re responsible for managing security alerts, firewalls, service monitoring, and administration. 

Our Case Studies are proof of the quality of work we do to protect our clients’ valuable asset – their business. And we can for yours as well. We have experience in countering ransomware attacks without a financial loss to the client, prevention of cyberattacks, and decreased downtime because our clients are protected and monitored on a regular basis. 

Ongoing Construction IT Services Support

Consider us your triage desk for data integrity and protection, communications management in-house and on project sites. Our construction IT services increase scalability for contractors because we are managing the IT portion of your business so you can focus on clients and projects. Simplifying processes and outsourcing data will allow your team more time to efficiently serve clients and complete more projects on time, within budget, and above client expectations. 

Panurgy Construction IT Services supports industry software including AutoCAD, HeavyBid, HeavyJob, and Trimble Prolog, along with others. 

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