NIST Compliance

Which businesses need to follow NIST Compliance?

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of our minds and those of our clients. As your Managed IT Services company, our role is to ensure systems at your business are updated and secure. That means thwarting attacks from hackers and ensuring compliance standards for your industry are met. This includes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which has developed cybersecurity standards and best practices for industry, federal agencies, and the public. Their work is constantly evolving and now includes NIST SP 800 171 Compliance which I discuss later in this article.

Which businesses need to follow NIST Compliance?

NIST Compliance documents are for companies working in the federal supply chain. This includes anyone involved with federal government and agencies, including contractors and subcontractors. Because of the quality of NIST regulations, companies outside the federal government supply chain are also embracing the standards.

The goal of the standards is to protect data and keep information secure. This protects organizations from inside threats as well as outside breaches. NIST Compliance is the cybersecurity standard that our team understands and implements for our clients.

What is NIST SP 800 171 Compliance?

This is a Special Publication that outlines the requirements for protecting the confidentiality of controlled unclassified information. Also called CUI, this includes provisions for the protection of covered defense information. If a manufacturer is a part of the Department of Defense, General Services Administration (GSA), NASA, or other federal or state supply chains, they are also required to follow NIST SP 800 171 compliance.

Just as fast as hackers are learning to breach systems, the government is providing and updating cybersecurity guidelines. If your business plans to work with federal agencies, it is recommended that you start complying with regulations now, so you’re not eliminated from contention later.

At Panurgy, our team is experienced in NIST Compliance. We are also aware that the standards change, and we are anticipating more updates this year. If your business is concerned about protecting data and is working, or plans to work, with the federal government supply chain, we’d love to talk to you.

We will begin with an assessment of your current cybersecurity and develop a NIST compliance plan to ensure your company is ready to work in the supply chain. Our team understands NIST compliance along with HIPAA and others. Call us to learn more.