IT Services

Why IT Services is Important and Urgent

When we were in school, we studied the Eisenhower Matrix. Also called the Urgent-Important Matrix, it was designed to determine which tasks needed to be completed first, which could wait, and which could be delegated. As professionals, we understand you can easily be distracted by all of the urgent requests, forgetting, or not having time to review the tasks that are important, but not urgent. We’re here today to tell you that IT Services should be an important AND urgent task and here are a few reasons why.

IT Services – Important and Urgent

  1. Cybersecurity. Whether it’s spam calls and emails or hackers holding data for ransom, it is important for your New Jersey business to stay up to date on security issues and solutions. While we don’t know when the next cyberattack will happen, we know hackers are working around the clock and around the world attempting to steal what isn’t theirs. Don’t let your business be next. 
  2. Educating Employees. It is urgent and important that IT Services professionals be educating employees on what to look for when it comes to security risks. The Panurgy Employee Security Awareness Training will educate and test employee awareness of phishing schemes and other potential security breaches. Afterall, they are part of the security of your business so their education matters. 
  3. Co-Managed IT Services. We understand that many businesses already have an IT person or team in place, but from time to time, they may need additional support. Special projects, product launches, security breaches, and more are reasons your team may need Co-Managed IT Services. Working together, we can accomplish the technology goal or solve the problem. 
  4. Compliance. We currently support businesses in the automotive, construction, finance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, real estate and property management and retail industries. Each has their own level of security and compliance with which we are experts. These include HIPAA, FINRA, and other compliance standards. Being out of compliance should not be a concern. Protecting client and patient data should be an important and urgent task for the IT Services team. 
  5. Support. Getting your business the tech support it needs should always be at the top of the list. Without the proper technology in place, you’re risking the entire organization. Employee engagement and business reputation decrease when systems aren’t in place to serve customers. Compliance violations can become headline news, damaging your reputation and costing the business in fines. Don’t let that happen to the business you’ve worked hard to build. 

Panurgy is ready to partner with you for all the important and urgent tasks like being secure and compliant, all the way to make sure email is working for all employees. We’re here for your New Jersey IT Support Services. Contact us today to learn more.